How much does a business analyst earn

Information on the salaries of business analysts in Moscow was taken mainly from first hand (at the beginning of the article I wrote that I communicate with many colleagues in the group and personally). You should not expect salaries, as in advertisements for courses. A rare specialist can boast of a salary of 120-130 thousand rubles or more. As far as I can judge from the information known to me, the average salary is 50-110 thousand rubles.

Here, as in the market of programmers or designers, the market is extremely “overheated”, there is a very large percentage of skepticism. Of course, if you get a job in a large corporation, the pay can be very good. But in most cases, business analysts are required in a mid-level company, most often in the construction industry, medicine and other areas where reorganization is often required, automation work is carried out regularly. And here the level of salaries will also be average.

Demand for specialists

No matter how the sellers of courses or certificates convince you, in fact, there is no hype in the market and the high demand for business analysts associated with it. It is no secret that in a crisis the number of businesses not only does not grow, but decreases. At the same time, existing companies are not always ready to hire a specialist with a mission that is not fully understood by the manager.

In addition, the business analyst profession itself is a niche profession. In this area, there is no need for the same number of specialists as, for example, in programming or design. Therefore, competition among business analysts in the labor market is very high. And if you still want to go into this field, think carefully about whether you really feel that business analysis is your calling. Otherwise, it is better not to believe advertising promises and learn something else.

Small bonus

I am periodically approached for advice by people who have taken a job as a business analyst, but do not know where to start. Moreover, their employers also do not really know what to demand from them. As a result, I have compiled a list of tips for such a case. Answers to these questions should be clarified with the head of the company. Based on the answers, you can draw up a specific work plan for yourself.

The number of employees in the company. It is necessary to understand the complexity of processes and a general understanding of which company you are working with.

Number and list of activities. For example, the sale of building materials is one line of business. And the sale of building materials and the sale of furniture – already two. If there is also production, you need to understand that you have three areas, etc.

Priority ranking. Need to understand where to start.

Determining the depth of planning. You need to understand what resources the manager is ready to allocate for transformations, the desired time frame for work, vacation periods for department heads and other responsible persons, etc.

Lists of processes in each line of business. Just the usual list you need to get how each of the directions works now. There is no need to go into deep details at this stage, such as when and how bookkeeping is involved, etc. You need to understand the processes as they are. But if the accounting or finance department is deeply involved in the process or is somehow important for optimization, you will have to study their work as well.

Process prioritization and sequencing. Together with the manager, you build a sequence of which processes need to be described first.

As a result, you get an understanding of the work of the company, as well as draw up a work plan for yourself.